Once AC Whānau, always AC Whānau

Creating a sense of community where learners feel they belong is central to our philosophy. The Whanau structure (school-within-a-school) has been designed to meet this goal. All learners are placed in one of five Whanau where they become part of an extended family of staff and learners during their years at Alfriston College. The Whanau structure provides learners with a sense of belonging which enables them to develop a strong sense of identity. Each Whanau is led by a Whanau Leadership Team. The Whanau Leadership Team and Learning Leaders work together to support every learner.

Whanau Learning Programme:

  • academic tracking
  • attendance evaluation
  • personal goal setting and monitoring
  • connection activities
  • learning conversations
  • guidance and support
  • the opportunity to meet one on one regularly

The programme builds and maintains closer positive relationships between learners and their Learning Leaders,  their own whanau and the school.


Our Community

Each year, through Whanau Student Leaders, Alfriston College actively helps out our local community through fundraising initiatives and various events.

Each term we have a community focussed event which all learners are encouraged to participate in. Some annual community events include the Sunrise Walk for Totara Hospice, Food Drive for our contributing primary schools’ Breakfast Clubs and the Manurewa Clean Up. These events are awarded Whanau points, which feed into our Inter-Whanau competition for the year. Apart from these events, there are many other community focussed initiatives that run during the year that learners can be involved in.

Check out our Facebook page for the latest news and pictures regarding our community events.