AC Way


Our Vision

Alfriston College will be a learning community dedicated to developing and supporting life-long, independent learners by creating an environment that fosters a sense of Belonging, values Learning and expects Success.

Alfriston College opened for learners in January 2004 with a vision to meet the diverse needs of 21st century learners under the leadership of Foundation Principal John Locke and the Senior Leaders Susan Impey, William Madgwick and Andrea Tapu. The school was officially opened in June 2004 by the Right Honourable Helen Clark, ONZ, New Zealand’s Prime Minister at that time.

Alfriston students

Our Lifelong Values

The life-long values we encourage, model and explore through our Whānau and learning programmes are Whakapapa (Connection), Ahuatanga (Character), Tū Maia (Confidence) and Mātau (Competence).

Kei a au te turanga, Kei a au te ako,
Kei a au te tutuki!

I belong, I learn, I succeed!

The Independent Learner Actions

At the core of learning at Alfriston College are our ten Independent Learning Actions (10 ILAs). These are actions that learners are encouraged to develop and use in order to foster independent learning. They also encapsulate what dispositions our learners need to embark on a lifetime of learning.

The Alfriston College Logo

The Alfriston College logo is both a symbol and an introduction to the school; it tells a story about the school and reveals some of the significant values held by the school’s community.

The logo has three dimensions: Alfriston College (the name), the pod (the mark), and the poutama (the background). It is symbolic on many levels:

  • The koru symbolises a new beginning.
  • The koru unfurls from the bottom opening out to support the pod.
  • The pod is a nourishing and nurturing symbol.
  • It is a Manuka pod. A native of Manukau.
  • The seed is independent, complete, dynamic and leaving purposefully.
  • The pod is woven. This alludes to kete and tukutuku.
  • The woven pod also represents a network – a community network or a digital network or a family network.
  • The woven pod also includes: the letters A and C, the beak of the pukeko, the foot of the pukeko and motifs from Maori carving.
  • The poutama pattern (seen on our stationery) is a foundation which supports all other elements.
  • The poutama pattern is a positive, growing symbol, it is a stairway leading onwards and upwards, it follows the same bottom-left to top-right trail as the seed leaving the pod.

The Alfriston College Motto

Te Ihi Ki Te Ako - Zest for Learning

The Alfriston College motto ‘Zest for Learning – Te Ihi ki te Ako’ is intended to highlight the thrill, joy, excitement and spirit of learning. Learning experiences, in and out of learning spaces, should be connected, authentic and relevant. Learners should see purpose in what they learn and leave school with the capabilities to be self-reliant, self-motivated and life-long independent learners.