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Staff Protocols

Staff Protocols

Dress Code

A professional standard of dress is expected of staff at all times. Adults on the school site have a responsibility to model appropriate grooming and dress and should be smart and more formal than informal.


  • Shirts with collars; ties are welcome
  • Long trousers or ‘business casual’ shorts, formal ie lavalava
  • Shoes and socks or sandals


  • Dresses, skirts, dress shorts or trousers
  • Shirts or tops
  • Shoes or sandals

The following are not suitable or appropriate:

  • NO denim clothing including denim jackets, jeans, jean shorts or skirts
  • Jandals and slip on ‘scuffs’
  • Short skirts or short shorts
  • Casual T-shirts and singlet tops. (Whānau t-shirts are an exception on Whānau connection or competition days.)
  • Shoestring straps
  • Visible undergarments
  • Baseball-style caps and beanies
  • Sweatshirts and hoodies
  • Puffer jackets inside the commons and learning spaces
  • Another school’s items

Clothing should also be appropriate for different learning activities i.e. dust coats, aprons, PE apparel, protective clothing when appropriate.

Professional Boundaries

It is important that staff act professionally at all times and that only appropriate professional relationships develop between staff and learners.

Staff Information on Kamar

  • Confidential to school
  • Apply to Principal to use personal information of any other staff member

Staffroom Protocol

The staffroom is for use by all staff and should be a relaxed and comfortable environment for all. To achieve this please be aware of people’s needs and be aware that it is often used as a learning space. To use the facility outside of school hours, please book through the Property Manager and tidy up afterwards.

Visitors to School

A visitor is considered to be anyone who is not employed by the Alfriston College Board of Trustees and includes family members. SLT must be notified via the PA in advance of all visitors who will interact with learners or who require formal whanaungatanga. Visitors may require Police vetting – please check with the Human Resources Leader.

  • Ensure all visitors sign in at Main Reception and wear an identifiable visitors’ lanyard
  • All visitors are your responsibility and must remain under your direction at all times
  • Visitors must be treated respectfully
  • Visitors are expected to be respectful to staff, learners and also school property
  • Ensure all visitors are aware of and follow emergency evacuation instructions
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that visitors are appropriately dressed and abide by our school learning ethos and act as positive role models for learners
  • All visitors must follow the law regarding smoke free schools

Email Culture

Email is a key method of communication for all members of the Alfriston College community. It is important that we do not ‘clog’ up the inbox with emails that are unnecessary and not warranted.


  1. Choose your recipients carefully
  2. Clear your email regularly and respond within an appropriate timeframe
  3. Use ‘groups’ appropriately
  4. Use subject lines appropriately
  5. Use concise, appropriate and professional language for all e-mailing

E-mails intended for All Staff:

  1. Only administrative e-mails should be intended for All Staff
  2. Any email intended for all staff must be forwarded to the Executive Office PA
  3. The Executive Office PA will share the link to The Week Ahead at the end of the previous week


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