Staff Support, Form

Request for Release from Duties

REQUEST FOR: Release from Duties [Teaching and/or Support Staff]

[Form not to be used for Requests for Leave]

Person(s) Attending:
Reason for Release:
Date of Release:
Time: Start: End:
Leaving school at: Returning to school at:
Costs: Registration: Travel:
Accommodation: Other:
Order number:
Rationale: [developmental need]
Approval: Signature:
HOLA’s endorsement:
SLT Approval: Approved:

Loaded on Relief Calendar:


Obtain NZCL’s endorsement

Once NZCLs endorsement received forward to Jolie Kay-Cassin for SLT approval

NOTE: not all approved Release may go ahead due to clashes and/or previous commitments

Applications must be received no later than Monday, two weeks before requested leave


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