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On Wednesday 27thAugust 2014, all current Year 10-12 learners will be making their course option choices for 2015. To support Learners in these choices, please take a look at the Senior Course Handbook 2015.

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The decisions that need to be made about pathways selection for next year and beyond must not be taken lightly. Learning Areas have been preparing for this and over the next few weeks, Learning Leaders will be leading conversations to encourage good decision making.

We know many learners are not sure about what to do when it comes time to leave school. We also know on the other hand, that learners who have a very good idea about what they want to do have discussed options with Learning Leaders, parents and Guidance or Careers Counsellors. The learning conversations planned for next Wednesday afternoon is the opportunity to ensure these important career and pathway discussions happen. Parents are welcome to attend these too or to follow up on these at home.

If going straight into the workforce after high school is not an option, we encourage learners to pursue further learning. University study tends to be the path commonly chosen.If university is the right option for your child then the area of study becomes critical. As a guide, the 2012 Graduate Longitudinal Study points out that too many students are working towards obtaining degrees in areas where there are very few opportunities for career development. Some of the industries that current trends show New Zealand needs skilled graduates in are Engineering,Information Technology, Hospitality, Farming and Transport. Planning for courses in high school that enable degrees in these areas would be a feasible option right now.

Also important is that further training does not have to be University right away.The governments Youth Guarantee Scheme recognises this and offers opportunities for hands-on courses through its programmes. Another option instead of University is workplace training under the new NZ Apprenticeships Scheme.This still requires study at Polytechnic to gain a minimum of a Level 4 national certificate. Studying at polytechnic for a Level 4 certificate or diploma is another useful and feasible option.

Regardless of the tertiary education pathway chosen, it will cost. Families need to be aware of this. Student loans help but it means beginning ones working life with a financial burden. Most institutes have a variety of scholarships on offer. Learners applying for these must be prepared for the often tedious task of ensuring all documentation is thoroughly completed. It is worth the effort though.

It can be difficult for our children to make decisions now that will affect their future. What we can do is help them to learn about options beyond school and to plan for it now. A very useful source of guidance and information is Careers NZ, Mana Rapuara Aotearoa www.careers.govt.nz. Useful too is the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment current occupation outlook app which provides up to date information about employment trends. This app can be downloaded off their website www.dol.govt.nz. In any case we encourage parents to have the conversations and take an active part in selecting pathways and career options for next year and beyond.

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