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As we have reached the end of yet another school term I would like to extend my best wishes to all members of the Alfriston College whanau for a safe and happy break for the next two weeks.

There is no such thing as a quiet week in a secondary school, but Term 4 in particular does become very busy as senior learners strive to complete their internal NCEA requirements, prepare for their external exams and ensure that their future planning for 2015 is under control. Juniors are also busy completing their years work. As for our Learning Leaders, they are working to complete their 2014 teaching obligations and also plan for next year. So it will certainly feel like a sprint to the end of the year for all of us.

As it is such a busy time of the year I want to take this opportunity to make a plea to all parents/caregivers/ whanau of our senior learners and in particular those who provide care for our Year 11 learners. This is potentially a very stressful time for our seniors. The Year 11 learners in particular are all working towards attaining their NCEA Level 1 and this means that they are under pressure to complete internal assessments, prepare for external assessments and take the opportunity for any re assessment opportunities that they are offered. They will be feeling the pressure. It is important to remember that they are only 15 or 16 and that they will need our continued support to guide them through these busy few weeks.

Please keep talking to your child to check that they are coping and keeping on top of their work load. Please make sure that they are not despairing and starting to give up. They often just need that extra bit of encouragement to give them the strength to clear these last few hurdles. A word of encouragement, support and even a smile and a hug can work wonders at this time of the year.

Please help them prioritise their learning over this time. All learners will have work to do at home and revision to complete for the externals. Help them organise their time and where necessary guide them away from other social distractions that may compromise their ability to focus on their academic goals. In some cases this may mean making some hard calls about how they spend their time but the rewards will mean these decisions are worth it in the long run.

Check they know how many credits they have and how many they need. In short please try to spend even more time providing the support and encouragement that will let your children know they are not alone but surrounded by a strong, positive and happy support team that believes in them. If necessary please consider releasing them from some of their household duties over this time so they can give total focus to their learning.

They all want to succeed but for some of our learners the path to that success is a little less straightforward so anything you can do at home to keep them on the path will be an important factor in enabling themto reach their goals.

Please be assured that all the Learning Leaders will be continuing to support, encourage and where necessary cajole your children through this final sprint.

Steve Saville,Acting Principal

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