Learner Support

Pathways Centre

The Alfriston College Pathways Centre is downstairs located in the administration building. Skilled staff are available to help learners develop their pathways, gain an understanding of their interests and skills, find employment and tertiary courses.

Year 12 and 13 learners have access to a wide range of Pathway Courses which are run in conjunction with local tertiary providers. Year 12 learners may choose a one day a week placement and Year 13 learners can learn off-site for two days each week. There is also the Gateway Programme which is a workplace initiative for Senior Learners. It allows learners to gain work experience and achieve credits towards NCEA. STAR courses, where learners can achieve NCEA credits in work related fields by completing short term courses during term time and in the school holidays, are another option.

Learner and whānau are advised to follow the Pathways Centre facebook page for the latest information.

To contact staff in the Pathways Centre please email Luci Wearing l.wearing@alfristoncollege.school.nz or phone extension 857.

Guidance Services

The school’s Guidance Counsellors are specifically trained professionals who can explore difficult personal situations with anyone who requires assistance to process events that are occurring in their life and the associated consequences. The consequences of spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical can impact on all people associated with the experience and Alfriston College will provide appropriate support.

One to one and group counselling services are available for Alfriston College students, families and associated community members during school hours. Relationship advice and guidance is freely available.

Restorative conferencing is widely used by Alfriston College to resolve all relationship issues. Guidance staff are trained restorative conference facilitators.

Confidentiality – Anything said to the Counsellor is confidential and will not be shared with any other person.

Exceptions to Confidentiality – When the Counsellor is seeking legal, ethical or peer advice on a difficult issue. In this situation confidentiality is preserved but the situation may be explained to a third independent party to ensure appropriate responses, action, practitioner and client safety.

Absolute Exception to Confidentiality – When a disclosure is made that clearly indicates to the counsellor a client has the intention of harming themselves or others, the counsellor will inform the appropriate services to ensure no harm will occur to anyone.

The Guidance team is lead by Michael Donovan. If you wish to contact guidance staff, please email m.donovan@alfristoncollege.school.nz. Email is the best method of communication. Our Guidance Counsellors are Tiera Foy t.foy@alfristoncollege.school.nz and Madeline Ireland m.ireland@alfristoncollege.school.nz please feel free to email should you require their assistance. However, if there is an urgent matter please phone Alfriston College Reception to ensure our guidance team is quickly informed and can support you as soon as possible.

Learning Support



Health Centre

The Health Centre is centrally located, right beside student services and is open from 8am – 3.30pm daily during term time. The registered nurses offer confidential advice, care and treatment to learners and are trained to offer help in protecting young people physically and emotionally, encouraging independence and healthy lifestyles. The nurses work in a non-judgemental manner and are culturally aware.

Services available:

  • First Aid
  • Health education
  • Smoking cessation
  • Sex education
  • Weight and healthy eating advice
  • Managing chronic illnesses and helping those learners in mainstream school
  • To work as a link to other health providers and learners
  • Advice about who to see if extra help is required
  • Booklets, pamphlets and information on a range of youth relevant topics

The health centre can be contacted through email:
s.nurse@alfristoncollege.school and on extension 900. 

Please call Main Reception if there is an urgent matter.