Year 11

Learning in Year 11

Learning in Year 11 is divided into two semesters of around 18 weeks each.

  • Most classes are semester classes and can be taken in either semester 1 or semester 2.
  • Some classes are full year classes.  If a full year class is chosen learners will be expected to remain in that class for the full year.
  • The classes are organised into 5 different timetable blocks.
  • Learners need to choose one class from each block.
  • Year 11 is the first year of NCEA.  Learners should plan their courses so that they can achieve NCEA level 1 by the end of the year.
  • The requirements for NCEA Level 1 are:

– 80 or more credits from Level 1 or higher, which must include:

– at least 10 Numeracy credits AND;

– at least 10 Literacy credits

  • Credits are earned by completing assessment tasks that are aligned to standards.
  • The credit value for each standard varies.  Most are in the 2 – 6 credit range although some are worth more than this.
  • Learners can achieve a standard at three levels:  Achieved, Merit and Excellence.
  • Merit and Excellence credits count towards Endorsements which show a higher level of achievement.