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Minecraft Team Win Award


Minecraft Team Win Award

Congratulations to the Alfriston College Minecraft team. Their exhibition of Gallipoli in Minecraft on display at the Auckland War Memorial Museum has just been awarded the winner of ‘Best Museum Visitor Experience’ at the 2016 New Zealand Museum Awards.

Commenting on the Minecraft exhibition, the judges said it was “a clear winner” and stated that Gallipoli in Minecraft was cutting edge, exciting and accessible. It was noted that the exhibition was both educational and innovative in its use in technology and provided a simply fabulous experience for visitors.

In a letter from the Director of Auckland War Memorial Museum, Roy Clare CBE, he stated, “this award is a major achievement for the Auckland Museum and one we could not have done without the skills and commitment shown by the students and staff from Alfriston College in building this virtual world, as well as acting as our youth advisory group and test audience during the exhibition development process”.

Furthermore, Roy Clare CBE extended his warmest thanks and congratulations to all involved, an award like this once again shows how much of a difference young people can make in their community.

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