Learner Testimonials

Carla (Year 11, from Germany)

“I was able to choose my own classes based on my interests and abilities. Classes like ‘Architecture of the Future’, ‘Painting’ or ‘Photo Design’ showed me different sides of arts and helped me to find my love for arts again. I would highly recommend Outdoor Education to international students, because you get to see and experience a lot of New Zealand’s natural environment and educational possibilities. For example, windsurfing, skiing or rafting. AC is the perfect school to expand your own abilities in different specialist areas, to become a part of a big unique family, to get an insight into another culture and to experience the amazing nature of New Zealand.” 

Lili (Year 12, from Vietnam)

“I consider myself lucky to have several kind teachers throughout my academic year. They are enthusiastic teachers, good mentors and they have a great influence on my education.

My opinions and perspectives have changed because I feel myself having become more independent, more confident and happier than ever before. 

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Alfriston College, to my lovely foreign friends and to my learning leaders who have helped me a lot in this journey. They gave me so much support and so many encouraging stories.  All of those things made me become a better version of myself and I cannot thank you enough!”



Johan (Year 11, from Germany)

“One of the amazing things you can do at Alfriston College is to take Outdoor Education. If you are interested in the outdoors and keen for some adventures, it is a great way to discover NZ. Outdoor Education is not just going on trips –  you learn lots about how to be safe in the outdoors and basic life skills from which you are definitely going to benefit. My Outdoor Education class, recently just came back from a three-day trip. We stayed in tents in two different campsites, and did some super fun outdoor activities like rock climbing and black water rafting”.



Nana (Year 12, from Japan)

“I remember that I was so worried about making new friends in a new school in a new country But I have so many cool friends in this school and that’s because most of the AC students are so friendly and kind to other people. I can’t remember the amount of times they helped me and talked to me to be my friend. I remember a time when I couldn’t speak English very well for the first few months, but my buddy and friends were trying to understand my English even though my pronunciation and grammar were horrible. They would still talk and say hello to me every single day and helped me whenever I needed.

Alfriston College is a very multicultural school and this is the best thing that I like about this school. There are not many students from other countries in my high school in Japan so it was a very rare opportunity that I had to have friends from various countries. I like how this school respects other cultures and their values and finds ways to celebrate things together. I was fascinated with the traditional performances and always took videos of them”.