Homestay Information

Alfriston College Homestays

All international students must live in a school-approved homestay. Students are not permitted to live in flats/apartments. Regardless of age, they must live with a family where approved adults care for them. Parents of students who are not living in a school-arranged homestay (with a designated caregiver for example) are required to sign a form releasing the school from responsibility for their welfare outside school hours.

All accommodation will be regularly visited by the College homestay staff. All Alfriston College homestay carers and their live-in family members over the age of 18 have been vetted by the New Zealand Police. (Code of Practice for International Students).

Fees are paid to the school at the same time as tuition fees. The school pays the homestay families on a fortnightly basis.

Students may not change their accommodation without the International Student Leader’s permission, and this permission must be sought in writing and well in advance.

Your Homestay Family

  • Your family has been specially chosen for you. They will act in place of your parents while you are in NZ. Make sure you have completed our application form fully so that we understand your needs.
  • All families have different habits and customs. It is important to find out what your new family expects of you. You will be given a booklet called International Student Homestay Information and Guidance. You should read and discuss this booklet with your family. It includes a list of useful questions you might ask, such as what to call them, when to have a shower and what happens with your washing.
  • You should ask them about use of the computer/internet.
  • We will give you a NZ SIM card for your phone and some students will need to open a NZ bank account. Your homestay family or our International Student Leader will help you with this.
  • Your family will show you how to get to school. NB You are not allowed to own nor drive a car while you are an international student at Alfriston College.
  • Most parents work (mother and father).
  • In an emergency contact the International Students 24 Hour Emergency Number on +64 (0) 22 305 5005

Students choosing not to stay in Alfriston College Homestays

These students must live with either their parents or a close family relative or friend. These students’ parents must sign the ‘Designated Caregivers’ form, available from the school or agents stating that they agree to take responsibility for placing their son/daughter with their relative.

Students living with their parents do not have to complete the Designated Caregivers document, but we will ask for proof of relationship on enrolment (birth certificate and passports)

Become a Host Family

Alfriston College welcomes new home stay families.  If you and your family are considering becoming a host family, please read the documents and  fill-out the forms and contact our International Student Leader