The Effective Practitioner

The AC Way – the effective practitioner

The AC Way – the effective practitioner
Holding the following beliefs:

  • Learner centered
  • Values culture and celebrates diversity
  • Embraces a future focus approach
  • Is agentically positioned
  • Excellence as the goal for all
  • Biculturalism
  • Commitment to our Learning Community
Actively committing to Personal and Collegial Professional Learning:

  • Growth and Development Coaching
  • Raising achievement for priority learners
  • Learning Teams
  • Teaching as Inquiry
  • NZC Area specific
  • Building literacy capabilities
  • E-learning pedagogy
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Creating a Vibrant, Consistent and Caring Learning Environment:

  • Greets learners at the door
  • Uses the whiteboard to share learning intentions and success criteria
  • Displays and models the ILAs
  • Uses restorative processes
  • Displays and models the LLVs (the 4 Cs)
  • Utilises time and space effectively
  • Effectively uses wall space
  • Has a Zest for Learning
Using, developing and able to provide evidence of:

  • Culturally responsive relationships
  • Positive relationships to make connections [with learners, whānau and colleagues]
  • Reflection on data to inform practice and evaluate impact
  • Learner voice – written and oral
  • Inquiry Process
Planning and delivery of Programmes of Learning and learning experiences that:

  • Are culturally responsive and relational
  • Use authentic and relevant contexts
  • Personalise to ensure improved outcomes for all
  • Enable learner autonomy and responsibility
  • Build on and encourage prior knowledge
  • Have high expectations of all learners
  • Challenge and engage learners
  • Influence surface and deep learner outcomes
  • Integrate relevant E-learning
  • Provide and seek feedback / feedforward
  • Provide opportunities to develop the ILAs
Making a difference through:

  • Whānau connection
  • Learning Conversations
  • Involvement in Learning Teams
  • AC Curriculum
  • Professional collaboration
  • Co-curricular involvement


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