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Request for Leave

Request for Leave


Date of Application : ____________________________________________________

Name: _____________________________________________________

Date of Leave: First day of Leave: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Last day of Leave: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Number of school days: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Request for Leave: With Pay I Without Pay


Relevant Clause of the Collective Agreement (if known):


Reason for Leave:


Applicant’s Signature: ____________________________________________________________


Signed by Principal : ____________________________________________________________


Signed by Board: ____________________________________________________________


Approved With Pay / Approved Without Pay


Not Approved Reason:——————————————


Request for Leave Procedure

This document does not cover absence as a result of unexpected illness.


From time to time staff may request leave from school for a variety of reasons contained in their collective contracts or for reasons other than those covered. All requests will be treated fairly and equitably and will adhere to the provisions of applicable collective agreements. Staff should refer to the Discretionary Leave policy (on reverse of Request for Leave form).


Staff are advised to not book any travel arrangements until a leave application has been approved.


Requests for leave for five (5) days or more must be approved by the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees usually meet on the third Tuesday of each month.

The application should state:

:.,. The relevant clause of the contract

)., Specific dates of leave requested

» Whether leave with or without pay is requested

:.,. The reason you will be unable to carry out your duties

» In the case of study leave, the benefits to the school should be explained


Leave of less than five (S) days:

i) The Principal is delegated the authority to grant leave applications of up to five (5) days (with or without pay)

ii) In making decisions the Principal will consider the following:

• The reason for application

• The frequency of request s from that staff member

• The effect of granting a request on the running of the school

• The time of year

• The appropriateness of the length of leave

• The length of notice given prior to the request

• The number of staff absent at that time

iii) In responding negatively to a request for leave the Principal will provide a reason for denial


Leave for five (S) days or more:

i) No staff member is entitled to leave as of right

ii) All applications must be submitted in writing to the Principal before the November Board meeting the year prior to the request to enable the Board to plan appropriately for staff absences

iii) Staff should consult the relevant collective contract prior to submitting an application

iv) In considering an application the Board will look at all relevant issues

v) Applicants who are seeking leave of one term or over must have served at the school for at least three (3) years consecutively

vi) Leave with or without pay will be at the discretion of the Board having due consideration to relevant contracts

vii) All decisions will be made in a manner that is consistent, fair and equitable

viii) The Board recognise that situations may occur that cannot be foreseen this far in advance and will consider applications outside this timeframe


Leave may be granted with or without pay. Eligibility for leave is described in the:

:.,. Secondary Teachers ‘ Collective Agreement

)., Support staff in Schools’ Collective Agreement

:.,. School Caretakers’ and Cleaners’ Collective Agreement

)., Secondary and Area School Ground Staff Collective Agreement


A copy of the award is available online at or on the

T: Drive / staff resources / school wide resources / operational / collective agreements



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