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Property – Important things to know

Property – Important Things To Know

For repairs and maintenance email

Please only send to this address, all other emails can be emailed to Vaughan at


Alarms are unset each weekday morning at 6.30am

Vacate the premises by 6.30pm sharp during Terms 1 and 4

Vacate the premises by 6.00pm sharp during Terms 2 and 3

REFER Working Late at School PDF


Please keep your keys safe, preferably on a lanyard.

Do not lend your keys to anyone else, especially learners. They may be the most trusted learners in school but, should they forget to lock the door behind them, it leaves the room vulnerable to thieves.

School keys will be confiscated from any learner who is seen with them.


  1. Security of items, resources and buildings are your responsibility.
  2. Requests for CCTV footage must go to SLT.

School Van and Bus

These can be booked through KAMAR.

Please follow the below rules when using the school van and bus

  • Vehicle Charge is 50 cents per kilometre. This will be charged to the budget holder
  • Please fill out the log accurately and so it can be read
  • You may only use the bus if you hold a class 2 licence and may only carry passengers if you have a P endorsement
  • The bus seats 22 including the driver and the van 12 including the driver
  • The cost to the department = 50c per km
  • Fuel them when they are at ¼ fill for the next driver
  • The bus is diesel
  • The van is petrol (91)
  • The pin for the fuel cards is on the key tags
  • You must enter mileage when paying for petrol/diesel
  • Clean out ALL rubbish etc. after you have used the vehicle (rubbish bin inside the garage for van rubbish and bin outside Student Services for bus rubbish)
  • Report any damage/maintenance to the Property Leader ASAP
  • Vehicles are not for personal use or to be kept at home

Learning/Work Spaces

1. Wall Displays:

    1. Use only blu tack on glass, doors and white painted surfaces
    2. Use only velcro dots on blue pin board
    3. Do not use sellotape, staples or nails
    4. Use window markers on glass but clean off when no longer relevant
    5. Do not hang items from sprinklers, light covers or ceiling panels

2. Do not cover windows and glass doors – the school is designed to make learning visible.

3. Report graffiti and damage to the Property Helpdesk immediately.

4. Ensure that learners leave the space tidy and litter free.

5. Close all windows when using air conditioners and when you have finished using a space.

6. Put all chairs up when you are the last person to use a space for the day.

7. Turn off projectors, heating, ventilation and lighting when vacating a learning or work space.

8. Do not cover projector lens.

9. Do not allow learners to eat or chew gum inside a learning space.

10. Put all paper recyclables in the yellow wheelie bins.

11. Do not overload rubbish bins with oversized or heavy items.

12. Return keys that are no longer needed to the Property Leader.


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