The Effective Practitioner

Our Expectations for Learners    

Our Expectations for Learning Leaders and Learners

1. Provide an ‘out of class’ note for learner movement around the school during class time – destination, time frame and signature. (or ILC Full or Provisional Licence)

2. Ensure that learners are wearing correct school uniform unless a pass has been issued by the Whānau Leader or a Senior Leader. (Passes are never given for jeans or jandals.)

3. Indicate learners are with you by marking attendance accurately in KAMAR within the first 15 minutes of class starting.

4. Do not allow eating or drinking in class apart from water. AC is a gum free zone.

5. Supervise use of devices including chromebooks and mobile phones and ensure that these are being used for learning purposes only.

6. Model and expect respect for self, others and the environment.

7. Model and expect readiness for learning – on time with equipment.

8. Model and expect engagement in learning – use of the ILAs and LAC model.


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