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Welcome To Alfriston College

Alfriston College is a modern-learning focused secondary school designed to enhance and promote 21st century learning, preparing learners for the ever changing needs of today's society and beyond The school was opened in 2004 and now caters to approximately 1300 learners. Through our whānau and learning areas, the school provides many different learning opportunities for learners to excel in the areas of academic achievement, cultural, sports and community service. Learning programmes are developed to ensure learners can make meaning of what they are learning and how it relates to their experiences and the world around them. At Alfriston College, we expect every child to suceed. Learners are nurtured, challenged and provided with every opportunity to excel. We look forward to working with our community and young people to develop a 'Zest for Learning' and are committed to ensuring our learners Belong, Learn and Succeed.