This trip was after both classes completed a practise trip in the Hunua ranges. Both classes were attending this trip and we had to put in place all the skills we learnt from the whole term… food, packing, camping, clothing, navigation, time management and planning.
Both classes attended this trip and we planned the same tramping route which was great. Our first campsite was awesome with great views of the beach and forest. We played a lot of team building games and spotlight. Later we went to these cool caves and had some popcorn that Mr Gardi made. We told ghost stories which freaked a few people out.
The first day was the hardest with a massive climb but the tracks were in good condition and we made good time. It was cool to have radios to use for the different groups as we were spread out. Some of us stopped at this amazing waterfall and even went for a swim, which was cold but refreshing. The downhill climb was harder than going up-hill.
Mr Gardi and Ms Wech told us before the trip to bring a towel as they were going to build a hot shower for everyone to use as they had seen a programme of this on ‘Bear Grylls’ when we got to the campsite.  However, they made us walk another 1 km and then we turned into a lodge… they both tricked us and had booked a lodge for us to stay in which was a nice surprise. We had the last laugh when we all used the hot water and the teachers had cold water.
The last day was the best as we climbed these tall mountains overlooking the Manukau harbour, it felt great to be up so high. Some of the terrain was tough with chains and steep decents.
We had the best weather and did so well as a big group. Thanks to Mr Gardi, Darrin, Christine and Ms Wech for taking us on an awesome journey.

-Blake Archer, Yr 11 AED.

Yr 11 ADE Waitakere Ranges Trip

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