Reciprocate, a 10-piece band from Alfriston College took first place at Pacifica beats on September 12, and placed fourth the night before at the 2015 Rockquest national finals (pictures below). The grandprize package won consists of a $10k New Zealand on Air song and video recording package, along with $3,000 worth of musical equipment from Rockshop.
The Alfriston College group includes five vocalists, two guitarists, two keyboardists and one drummer.  To make it into both finals was a huge achievement, and to win was the icing on the cake.  We are very proud of their hard work and achievements.
You can read about their succes in the article written for the Manukau Courier on and watch their perfomance on the Good Morning show following their win (skip to around the 36 minute mark for their performance).

Reciprocate win SmokeFree Pacifica Beats

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