Alfriston College

Kei a au te turanga, Kei a au te ako, Kei a au te tutuki!
I belong, I learn, I succeed!

Our vision is for Alfriston College to be a learning community dedicated to developing and supporting life-long, independent learners by creating an environment that fosters a sense of Belonging, values Learning and expects Success.

The learning needs of 21st century learners require schools to provide differentiated and personalised learning programmes to ensure all learners have the opportunities to pursue their talents and interest in the manner, and to the level best suited to their individual potential.  This requires that the concepts of learning, assessment and achievement be constantly challenged, and reshaped to match all learner’s needs. Our Learning as a challenge model  provides a structure for this to be school-wide practice.

The values we encourage, model and explore through our wh?nau and Learning Programmes are Whakapapa (Connection), Ahuatanga (Character), Tu Maia (Confidence) and Maatau (Competence) - commonly refered to at the college as the '4C's'.
The AC Way

Underlying all that we do are our principles of: BELONGING through the 4Cs wh?nau Programme, LEARNING that is authentic and relevant which develops the 10 Independent Learning Actions: Manaaki (Caring), Auaha (Creative), Mahi Ngatahi (Collaborative), Pakiki (Curious), Hinonga (Enterprising), Harikoa (Joyful), Ngana (Perservering), Aumangea (Resilient), Whakaaro (Thinking) and Ihumanea (Wise), and SUCCESS for all in recognition of the diversity of cultures within New Zealand society and the special place of Tangata Whenua. We constantly promote that success or achievement is no longer measured through information recall or examination outcomes alone; it is the accumulation of academic, sporting, cultural and social successes and for learners to value and demonstrate through their actions that learning is an empowering activity of great personal and social worth. 

The AC Way